Ébène (Imp. Stout)

Ébène (Imp. Stout)

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9.3% ABV, Ébène is an imperial stout with Brazilian Sorocabana coffee. 

Flavor is a balance between dark, dried fruits (raisin and dried plums), caramel and dark sugar (from the candi syrup in the recipe) and the darker, roasted notes from the coffee. Coffee is apparent on the nose, initial flavor, and most notable in the after taste, with notes of dark chocolate and roasted character. The specialty malts and English yeast strain both contribute to the dark fruit and caramel flavors. Very smooth, light body makes it easy to drink.

Contains malts (barley, oat, wheat, spelt), coffee, hops, yeast and water.

440 ml can.

Canned March 11th, 2020.