B2B Sales & Distribution

Global and local distribution

We serve a wide array of businesses both nationally and on an international level.

With years of experience with distribution and exports - including everything from local marketing to logistics - we make sure that every transaction is smooth and rewarding, both for you and your customers.

Beer in kegs and cans

We have beers in kegs available for bars and restaurants. We use the KeyKeg system with keg sizes that include 10, 20 and 30 liters. We also maintain a list of fresh beers in cans at distribution prices.

Our concept for companies

We offer a unique concept for companies that wish to serve our beers to their employees on an ongoing basis as well as during sporadic events.

Our concept is full-service-based. We take care of the installation, deliveries and service work on draught systems that are setup on-premise to allow for companies to let fresh beer flow for Friday bars, events etc.

Alefarm-branded kegerator

Reach out to us

If you are interested in serving our beers at your location or if you're looking to inquire about export possibilities, pricing etc., please reach out to us at sales@alefarm.dk.

We are ready to serve you. 🍺