About Us


Alefarm Brewing is a tech-driven craft brewery with a focus on modern craftsmanship, authenticity and a genuine belief in the fact that quality is built on love.

We are on a journey to explore craft beer. Our ambition is to bring people together through carefully crafted experiences with beer.

Our values

Our core values are authenticity, passion and perseverance. We believe in people and their ability to make a positive difference. This is the foundation that Alefarm Brewing is built upon as a brewery, a brand and as an individual entity in the craft beer industry.

Who we are

Alefarm Brewing is driven forward by a team of highly ambitious people. Coming from different backgrounds and with individual experiences in life, we are on a collective mission to improve craft beer through our work at Alefarm Brewing.

The brewery is located in Greve, a small city close to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Our production includes clean beer, barrel-aged offerings and mixed-fermentation styles, all of which can be consumed in our custom-built tap room.

Engage with us

You are always welcome to pay us a visit at one of our locations or to share your experiences with us on social media.

You can also invest in the brewery and become a part of Alefarm Brewing as co-owner and shareholder. We would be honored to have you - our journey is yours. πŸš€

All the best,

Kasper Tidemann

Kasper Tidemann

Founder and CEO
Alefarm Brewing A/S

Kasper Tidemann