Tattoo of the Alefarm Brewing logo

Depicted below is the hand of Rob Koppes, a big fan of craft beer. During his latest visit to De Tattoo Zaak in Breda, Holland, he had our logo tattooed on his right finger. According to Rob, he now has a total of 109 brewery logo tattoos. Wow!⁣

Needless to say, Rob, once our upcoming tap room is open and ready for business, you should come visit. And also needless to say, beers are on us.

If you are reading this and have something to share that involves our logo or brand, please let us know. We absolutely love to see people supporting Alefarm Brewing out in the wild. Cheers to true dedication to craft beer!⁣

All the best,

Kasper Tidemann

Founder and CEO
Alefarm Brewing

Kasper Tidemann


The hand of Rob Koppes, a big fan of craft beer!

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