Kaleidoscopic Octopus (DDH DIPA)

One of our goals for 2019 is to experiment and explore. On the roadmap for this ambition is our sour program, a line of new bottle releases and the refining of recipies for some of our most popular beers.

Kaleidoscopic Octopus is an example of this effort. It's a double dry-hopped double IPA that has been dry-hopped with just about the largest amount of hops that we have ever poured into a single tank.

Into the whirlpool went 5 kilos of Cascade while brewing the beer. In the tank went an additional 50 kilos of Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra. It makes for an intense hop kick more than able to satisfy even the fiercest hop head out there.

As always, you can order the beer directly here at alefarm.dk. And remember to get it fresh - a beer like this should be enjoyed straight away!

All the best,

Kasper Tidemann

Founder and CEO
Alefarm Brewing

Kasper Tidemann


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