Ante Meridiem (Stout)
Ante Meridiem (Stout)

Ante Meridiem (Stout)

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4.2% ABV, Ante Meridiem is a breakfast stout brewed with freshly roasted coffee and cacao. 

Ante Meridiem has notes of freshly roasted coffee and cacao on the nose. The beer is a full bodied, smooth 4% ABV stout. The combination of complex malts gives an incredible depth of aromas, highlighting coffee, dark chocolate, cashew and caramel. It is the right balance between sweet and roasty for an easy going stout.

Contains malts, flaked oats, hops, coffee, cacao, yeast and water.

440 ml can. Canned on February 23rd, 2021. Best Before February 23rd, 2022.